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Delfino AI

helps automate repetitive phone calls

to payors


Call Types 

that you can request:

Eligibility and benefit 


Prior authorization: requirement checks, status checks

Claim status inquiry

Our AI-powered platform can navigate IVRs, wait on hold and have a conversation with a live person


Just make your call request and let us take over


Save time

Redirect your resources to higher value add tasks 

Maintain knowledge

Help prevent loss of knowledge as team members change

Create flexibility 

Scale support as needed

How it works

Make your call request

Send requests with the patient information and questions you want answered by the payor

(e.g., Is the provider in network?, What is the copay?)

We will place the call

Our AI-powered platform will call the payor to ask the requested questions. If for any reason our AI can't complete the call, our human fallback team will step in to ensure you receive the required results

We will share the answers

Answers to your requested questions will be shared back with you

Watch a Demo


Our leadership team has graduated from:

HIPAA Compliance

We use Vanta to help monitor and maintain compliance. 

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